Monday, April 3, 2017

Is this thing on?

Wow. Six years since I last posted.

A lot has changed over the years. And, a lot has stayed the same.

Kern graduated high school and just finished her first semester of college. She, is still a great kid. Just more beautiful than ever.

Savannah is a sophomore in high school and is doing really well. Varsity cheerleader, President of the Drama Club, and she currently has her first boyfriend. All great things, except the latter.

Shelby is an 8th-grader and is one of the top students in her school. She was recently accepted into a high school where she will be taking college courses at the same time as her high school classes. When she graduates high school, she will also have two years of college done as well. Now, if we can just calm her and her Type-A personality down a bit, we might be able to survive our mornings together a little easier.

Finally, Alani. My baby girl. She is now a 7th-grader. School to her is an opportunity to meet new friends and work on her future stand-up material on an audience not her family. I am hopeful some day she will find there is value in doing well in the class room. Until then, I will continue to laugh at her, with her, and at the expense of her sisters who are frequently the punchline in Alani's jokes.

And, me? Still the same teacher, coach and single father who is trying to navigate through the girls teen years while also working on that thing called a personal life.

Life is good. Not perfect, but good.

Should I share more?