Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girls, football and vacation home

OK. So, I suck. I haven't submitted a post in quite some time. Seems life sometimes gets in the way of doing the things that you love doing like writing.

My girls, summer school, and trying to get ready for the upcoming football season has made it next to impossible to blog on a daily or even a weekly basis.

I have received a number of emails asking me what has happened to me as of late. The fact is not much has happened.

My girls have spent the summer with me at football practice. When we are not on the field, we have been spending the weekends two hours away at our mobile home in Lake Isabella.

It is a small town community in the Western Sierra Mountains that has some of the best fishing in California. Already this summer, my girls have caught their first fish and have spent many hours swimming in the lake.

They love it and I love reconnecting with a spot that my parents and I went to nearly every summer when I was a kid. I frequented it during my 20s a number of times and even stayed in the same mobile home that I took over from my former head football coach two months ago.

I wrote about this spot in a prior post and shared the story of how I was mistaken in a local bar as the kid from "A Christmas Story." Good times for sure.

However, not as fun as spending time with my girls there. They have already decided that we would be spending the next holiday season up there.

Looks like another version of "A Christmas Story" will be in the making.

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  1. Welcome back to the blog scene.

  2. yea! Welcome back and glad you are having a good summer!

  3. You are not a bad person for not blogging! summer and life get in the way!!!!!!!!! Spending time with your girls and making memories is way more important.

    Glad all is well. Enjoy what is left of summer. Beautiful photo.

  4. I need a vacation home on a lake.

    The sooner the better.

  5. glad to see that you are still around....and no reason to say you are sorry....LIFE is way more important then this!! Although we do miss you when you are gone. GlLad that you and your girls are enjoying your summer!!

  6. I haven't stopped by in awhile, just wanted to check in. Seems like you have been real busy too. School starts soon, enjoy the rest of your Summer.

  7. welcome back! there's nothing wrong with making great memories with your girls in lieu of writing!

    have a great summer!

  8. its good to hear what you are up to!! Sounds like you are making great memories!

  9. It sounds to me like you are building wonderful memories for your beautiful girls to keep forever.

  10. You just sent me on a trip in the Way Back Machine. Rick and I went camping just before our senior HS year just upstream of the lake for a couple of nights. One night, after a few too many, we walked about a half-mile over to where there was a camp fire. Who did we see, two hours from home? Coaches Newcomb and Cox. Dude, what a scare... but it was then that we found out how cool they were.