Saturday, October 31, 2009

What do you want to know?

Dear Coach,

Just wondering, where have you been? Everything alright? Been too long since we have heard from you on your blog. Hope all is well. Can we get anything from you soon?


Your Bro

That's right. I got an email from one of my best friends from high school asking me where I have been. I have a question for him now... Why not call me and ask? My blog is the only place where we can connect?

Where I have been? How about trying to endure a football season where we have lost eight straight games to start the season?

Or, how about going to a doctor appointment in October for a rash and being told a I need a number of biopsies done on different spots on my face? Doesn't matter what kind of cancer it is, being told that you have cancer can scare you a little.

Or, how about trying to move from one side of the town to the other with little help from guys like you? There is only so much four little girls under 11 can carry from the house to the moving van.

Or, how about having to hire a lawyer for the first time in my life for something other than a divorce? After having never been in any sort of trouble with the law in 38 years, I spent the night in a jail cell with nine other guys who actually looked like they belonged there. Good times.

Or, how about rushing out after my last class to get my girls from their school, bringing them back with me to football practice for three hours, heading home to make dinner, help them with homework, and then finally putting them to bed on a daily basis?

Is that enough? Or, should I go on? Even if I did write a real post, I wouldn't know where to start.

With two weeks left in the football season, I hope to get back to writing on regular basis. But again, where do I start when I start?

How about this... you tell me what you want to know more about from what I told you. Do you want to know more about my football season, my battle with skin cancer that currently has me with 32 stitches in my head, my time as a jailbird, the move that never seemed to end, or the comings and goings with my girls?

You decide.


  1. I'm really sorry things are so rough right now. I've always enjoyed your blog and hearing about your adventures with your girls. When you stopped writing I assumed you must be busy - as we all get busy!

    But what you've been going through seems to be more than enough for anyone. I hope that life will become easier for you soon and that the cancer becomes just a fading memory.

  2. I am sorry to read all of this. Life seems to be tough for a lot of people right now. A lot of people writing about in on thier blogs, or just disappearing to handle what life throws at them.

    My father was told he had skin cancer earlier last year, and then had the operation. He is fine now because he caught it early. He didn't tell me a word until after the operation. I am just glad he was okay.

    I hope that you are okay too. Good luck with everything. I, as a reader am still here. Hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Wow Brett, Sounds like your plate is far too full! I hope things settle for you, & you can relax a little. Good luck with anything legal!

  4. There are times when life overwhelms.. Then, all you can do is keep breathing and endure.. It'll get better..
    Promise.. :):)

  5. OK... I must have sounded pathetic. I am actually doing pretty good. Now, tell me what to write about. It's good to hear from all you again!

  6. Jail please. That sounds like a good one.

  7. Oh my stars.

    I am so sympathetic to all that you have gone through.

    I would like to hear about all of it.

    It's not weird if I send you a friend to friend cyber hug, is it?

  8. K...Im going to start to gt to know you a bit but before I do, I must know about all of your past run ins with the law.


  9. Your girls are adorable. Your move sounded painful, and I'm sorry to hear about the football season. But, I think I need to hear most about your jail time.

    Your life is full and busy, that's for sure. I'm about to go through divorce, and I can't imagine four little ones to single parent. I'll have two boys and a dog depending on me, and I'm scared enough as it is.

  10. Sometimes life does get in the way of blogging, and I did miss you, though I also figured out you'd be back when you had time, and or something to say.

  11. Did you have Mohs procedure on your face? I have quite the scar on my forehead from it. Any little spot now, and I'm worried.
    BTW, your girls are adorable!!!

  12. Thank you for visiting my blog. Seriously, with everything you have going on, I am completely honored that you took the time to read one of my posts and comment.

  13. It is nice to hear from you, although I am sorry to hear all the crap you have been going through. As far as what I'm interested in? Anything you write, I will read, but I am curious about your skin cancer...the rash that lead to diagnosis, what treatments you are doing...those types of things...also, I have to admit, the jail thing has me intrigued...and of course, stories about your girls are always good. Be well.

  14. Coachdad,

    Thank you for following me and I figured I would follow you back and pay your blog a visit. I am so sorry to hear of everything you are going through. Obviously I don't know you very well and I have a lot of catching up to do. It sounds like your girls have a wonderful father and that maybe in time things will settle down some. I am sorry to hear about the cancer and hope that you have a good doctor and treatment plan....

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog when your plate is quite full as it is.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog in the next day or two.

  15. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I wish you happiness and good health.

    Thanks for stopping in. I wondered where you had been. I have been so busy with the newspaper, I have fallen behind. Do keep in touch, Coachdad.

    Hugs to you and you beautiful girls.

  16. Brett, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I do miss you your writing too. I have to admit, I too am curious about your run-in with the law. Because that sounds more interesting than cancer. I do want to know about your health tho, so spill the info, so we know if we need to worry about you.

    Hang in there. There are better days ahead. Holidays, lol. Let the fun begin...

    Sheri (aka Nate's Mom)

  17. Hey, Coachdad/Brett. Saw that you are following me now (not be confused with stalking). Thought I'd check you out (not to be confused with hitting on you).

    Anyway, thanks for being a follower. It's good to have more dad's reading my blog.

    I have to admit--the jailbird stint has my interest just a tad. But, you know, life as a single parent certainly is enough to keep one busy--let alone all the rest that life hands out. DO take care of yourself and your entourage of blond-headed cuties. ;)

  18. Glad to see you're still around. I'd like to hear about it all, but start with how you ended up in jail. That's got to be a good one.

  19. I get the football season lack of posting. I dated a head HS football coach for a while and the time they spend is crazy.
    Sorry about the skin cancer. Very scary and I am keeping you in my thoughts on that.
    Need some details on the jail stint. I know all too well that it is NOT fun. :)

  20. Gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't been doing well.

    I want to hear about it if you want to write about it, but if you don't, that's ok too!

    Sometimes writing is good therapy.

  21. wow, wow and wow!! Life sounds nuts! I am sorry that things have been so crazy but have no doubt that you will not only pull through but do it with style.In the end maybe you can share the lessons that have come for those of us also in the trenches..where life sometimes hits from all sides!! Hope things get smoother for you and soon!!

  22. Hey you... thought I'd stop by and read a fellow stuck in bed from something or other sufferer--your life is busy. If I lived near you I would have helped you move... not that I'm much better than your four little girls, just sayin...

    I want to know about your girls and your incredible woman! :)

  23. Wow. Just clicking around and seeing what 's up over here. Boy, you've been having all kinds of adventures....but what a man you are enduring it all. Especially that tough football season. :-)

    I have a feeling all will be well because you seem to handle whatever comes your way....and that is to be admired.

    See you around.

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