Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Done with me... Facebook Features

Blah, blah, blah and more blah. That's what I see every time I read something that I wrote about me and my daily goings on.

It's getting old. Like an overplayed song you can't get away from when you turn on the radio.

I am done with it. At least I am done with me or my girls always being what I write about on my blog.

No more of me rambling on about how miserable I have been over the last two weeks while going through chemotherapy, or how I just celebrated my sixth month of sobriety, or what one of my little girls may have done to make me laugh, cry, or scream.

But, I am not done with writing.

Nope. Now, I want to write about people. People that I have known for years or who I have recently met. People with stories.

I have always been a people person. And, I am often moved by what they have gone through, overcome, or simply accomplished in our little world.

During my days as a sportswriter, I was lucky enough to cover the Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels, the Los Angeles Kings, the Los Angeles Lakers, and a Rose Bowl. Great fun and a dream come true for a someone whose life revolved around the Los Angeles' sports scene.

But, what I loved most about being a sportswriter was when I wrote feature stories about local athletes.

Stories of high school athletes like the star softball player who went to bat every time hearing the same words from her deceased father who taught her eveything about hitting before being murdered. Or, the story I wrote about a football player who set state records as a running back while serving time at the only youth detention center in the country that is allowed to compete in athletics against high schools.

Each person I encountered while writing features about them had an impact on me. In some way or another, they made me want to be a better person while giving me perspective.

So... to prevent myself from reading more of the same blah, blah, blah stuff I always spew, I end by saying that I will post my first Facebook Feature in the next couple of days.

The Facebook Feature came to me while glancing through the many so-called friends I have on Facebook and wanting to know more about these people that I have been in contact with at some point in my life. I look forward to bringing their stories to you.


  1. Oh I love this. Tangobaby does this in San Franscisco! I am thinking about doing it in my town... I love it!!!!!! Can Not Wait!

    Oh, and I for one, like the blah blah blah of your SOSness

  2. Congrats on 6 months pal. That is huge.

  3. I liked reading about your life, but maybe that's cuz I just nosy?!?

  4. I am a reader of yours because I enjoyed reading about your life.

    Congratulations on your sobriety, and I wish you all the best in your fight with cancer.

  5. What a great idea!! Can't wait!

  6. Love it! Can't wait to read more about whatever you want to write about.

    GINORMOUS Hugs! You're doing great. Keep smiling. :)

  7. Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  8. I have never minded reading about the blogger and family, most of the time.

    You new direction sounds very interesting

  9. Sounds exciting. Can't wait to hear about inspiring stories.

  10. I always like whatever you write.

  11. I'm with T (so glad you two connected!!). I'll be here to read, whatever you put down.

    Woo eee to six months!!!

  12. Funny you posted this today... I had a similar idea that I'm going to see about exploring. It's not about FB people, though... you'll see...

  13. Cool...I'll be curious to read them.

  14. A very somber (sober?) "cheers" to you for 6 months--no small feat. And I pray that you can continue to find your way through the chemo and the challenges you face.

    Your idea is wonderful, and I imagine you will bless many people with it.