Monday, April 27, 2009

Lucky to have what I had

The Most Beautiful Woman in the World and I are no longer together. She will always be the Most Beautiful Woman in the World to me.

In fact, she will always be the one to me. That will never change. I truly believe that there is one person who comes along in your life who is meant to be with you. She was the one.

I have no ill feelings toward her or no animosity. When you truly love someone, unconditionally love them, you don't start hating them just because the relationship didn't work out. At least, I don't. And, I never will.

I believe people come into your life for a reason. She entered my life during a time when I never thought I could love again. Not just another person, but myself.

She was beautiful (still is), intelligent, magnetic, had a way about her that I knew I could open myself up to her, loved books as much as I did, had a work ethic that I envied and long to have, was the most attractive woman I have ever laid my eyes upon, and possessed an incredible sense of humor. She was someone who I never imagined could possibly be interested in me.

However, for some reason, I couldn't stop pursuing her. She was perfect. Still is. And to me, always will be.

Why we are no longer together really isn't important to me. What is important, is that for more than three years, I had what so many people long to have. I am grateful for that and will always cherish the time we had together.

So, now, I find myself single again in my life. But, for the first time in my life, it doesn't seem to bother me that I am alone. I have my kids, a job that I love, and a memory of the greatest love for another person that I have ever had.

For right now, that is enough.

To the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, thank you for showing me what love truly is for someone other than your child. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for everything.

Just know that I will always be there for you. For whatever you may need, whenever you may need it.


  1. To know that you can love someone so much.. That is your reward for the relationship that was...
    And one other thing.. Those who know they can love like this are far more likely to do so again..
    Congratulations and Good Luck.. :):)

  2. That was beautiful. She was lucky to have you as well.

  3. She sounds like the female version of my Himself. Aren't we lucky that such amazing people loved us, if only for a little while?

    (Love the Furs - great song, and the last stanza says it all.)

  4. ah, how wise you are to be able to look at the situation in this way. You, my friend sound like a grown up - if you are like me, you are wondering when that happened? ;)

  5. I think it's very sad that you think there is just one 'perfect' person for you. I hope that turns out not to be true. Because you deserve it not to be true.

  6. I am with the love of my life. I cannot imagine being with another person but knowing how life is and how often we change and grow and learn in life, and although he is the "one" even I am hesitant to say he is the "only" one. Right now yes, but should something happen to our relationship I wouldn't close the door on another possibility and I hope he wouldn't either.


  7. CoachDad,

    You deserve many loves of your life, and let's hope they don't all come calling on the same day!

  8. It's a tough thing when the One doesn't end up staying and things don't work out. You may love her for the rest of your life and that capacity to love is amazing. But you may find other versions of this love one day too. So don't give up.
    Beautiful post and a very nice way to say while it didn't work out she'll always be special to you.

  9. Wow, please share your secret with me about how you're so grounded. Dang, you're good. She is one blessed woman.

    Like Just Jules, I'm wondering what happened? Three years!... Are you able to share more and still maintain some privacy?

    Big hug.

  10. What a wonderful post that speaks volumes about the most beautiful woman in the world and you.

  11. sad, beautiful..hopeful!! There is 'real' out there!! And I glad you had it..if for a moment!! BUT like the others, I believe you will have it again, if you choose!! I have never had real..I have had my deep love for one..and someone else's possesive ownership diguised as love for me...but never a mutual, healthy love! I believe its out there..but if its not, thats OK too! The lessons were worth it, and my life is better for the sound satisfied with what was..and I pray for you, it was the first but not the last!

  12. So beautiful. You are really an amazing person. I absolutely believe you will find love like that again (and even better). In time, I think you will believe it too.

  13. I am a hopeless of course I always think of tomorrow!
    It sounds like both of you were very lucky for a time!

  14. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I congratulate you that you don't hold any animosity toward her, she is lucky.

    I am fortunate to be with the love of my life soon to be 24 yrs. Praying for another 60 or so!

    Be open to the idea of finding a 2nd love.

  15. That was really beautiful. I'm sorry it didn't work out but I'm glad for what you had and what you learned while you had it. So many people get caught up in animosity, they forget all the good that was there.

  16. What a touching post! I totally understand how you feel. How can you possibly hate or forget someone who made you feel like the happiest person on earth?

  17. This part resonated with me:
    "She entered my life during a time when I never thought I could love again. Not just another person, but myself."

    And this:
    "it doesn't seem to bother me that I am alone."

    Life is/can be so challenging oftentimes, can't it? I am sorry you are finding your way through this now. Your thought process and attitude is commendable.

    I hope for love again for all of us without...I hope for the ability to give and receive; to find a permanence and a security within that love.

    But for today, I just hope for peace.

  18. that was so sweet what a tribute to love her that much

  19. this post was truly very touching....and its good you feel the way you do because its important to be happy to have loved then to have never experienced that at all...and believe it or not many people go thru life never having that! And at least now you know that you are capable of loving again. That too is important to know, because alot of people give up on that. You almost did that...dont allow yourself to do it again...because something from this relationship might be the thing you needed to help you with the next one...and theres no rush..when its meant to will find a way!!!

  20. Ok, maybe I'm hormonal or something, but that post has made me teary! What a beautiful post. You have a talent, an ability to express your feelings REALLY well. Cherish that, hold onto that and don't let it go.

  21. I think it is very lovely and touching that you are able to post this. I can tell by your words that you do mean it wholeheartedly. What a kind man you must be...and happiness must surround you for you don't hold bitterness in your heart.