Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Help us all

(I have been super busy with work and working on another project to write lately. So, here is an older post that relates to the weather we are currntly experiencing in Southern California.)

If you turn on the local news in Southern California the last couple of days, you would think that we were under attack.

News vans in every suburban city, residents rushing to the local Walmart to grab supplies, conversations in line at the bank yesterday centered on how long the suffering would continue, and cable/satellite and internet services flickering off and on had it's customers wondering how long it would it last.

What's going on in the land of movie stars, surgically-enhanced body parts, and just your every day quacks that reside with me in one of the most populated regions in our country?


That's it. Fucking rain. I am embarrassed to even admit it. Rain is turning Southern California into a scene that resembles one you would find in the movie Independence Day.

It started on Thursday and has continued sporadically ever since. In my desert community, we even had some hail. I even had to pull out a jacket with a hood last night when I went to my basketball game.

Where is Barack Obama and government assistance when you need it?

Already a bitch to drive in and around Los Angeles, the weather has made local drivers even harder to handle. A trip that normally takes five minutes to take, now takes 30 minutes as drivers limp through every intersection at the first sign of rain.

Throw in the want-to-be NASCAR drivers who continue to drive 20 miles over the speed limit and you get a reported 104 accidents in Los Angeles in the first nine hours of the storm. Makes you want to just stay home and watch TV.

The news is what entertains me the most on raining days.

The first 15 minutes of the newscast is dedicated to the weather. The economy and the Senate's impending vote on the recovery plan would have to wait. Forget about getting any real news.

Thanks to TiVO, I couldn't help but continually rewind reporters interviewing residents and how they are dealing with the phenomenon of water falling from the sky. Here is my favorite:

Reporter: "How are you handling all the rain?"

LA resident: "We are trying not to go out in it. I know we need it, but it has just been so much. I am afraid to even go out and drive in it. My husband has been in the garage making sand bags just in case we need it. We just hope we can make it through the weekend."

Reporter: "Well, thank you. Good luck to you and your family."

Make it through the weekend? Are you kidding me? It's rain and according to the Los Angeles Times, LA has had a grand total 1.47 inches in two days. Reports are a new storm is supposed to hit Southern California some time Monday.

Please pray for us as we go through this tough time.


  1. Ugh, stuck inside for so long with four children? I will pray for you for that!

  2. LMAO! That's hilarious! Sounds a bit like Dallas area residents preparing for the 1 inch of snow we get occasionally.

    Hope you are well!

  3. ha! as a Floridian..I so get this! We had possible snow 'flurries' headed our way, and the whole state shuts down!! NOW, in truth no one here can drive in rain, let alone a flurry!!! :) but it is funny how dramatic we all become!

  4. hahahahahahaha

    I'm in NY, home from work on what is, ironically, a snow day. While I can't complain about fireside movie nights during snowstorms like these, I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't LOVE to be in California right now!

  5. I live in San Francisco and it's the same here. Whenever it rains you would think it was a national emergency. It's rain!

  6. You have rain we have snow.....good luck

  7. I'm in Anaheim Hills and its been raining a lot but please, its just water. People act like its Noahs Arc or something. We need the rain. People need to grow up and just chill.

  8. Hilarious!! We got 22 inches in 24 hours once when I lived in San Antonio!! But we will definitely be praying for all you Southern Californians!!

  9. It's been a madhouse around here due to the snow we're getting. Hope your rain dries up soon and things return to "normal". :-)

  10. I love this!! I have many relative in the LA area and from what I hear ...there are many problem drives out there when it rains. When I was little living in the area our road would flood everytime it rained!!

  11. It was so tragic. My shirt actually got wet and I spent most of the morning feeling a little damp.

    Oh the humanity!

  12. Thanks for sharing that ... very cute!

  13. Wow, that IS tragic! Here in Georgia, we got snow. I always said the day it snows at my house in Georgia is the day before the For Sale sign goes up. Pity it's already up, I could have followed through on a really cool threat.