Monday, March 23, 2009

This and that

I don't know who came up with the saying that things happen in 3s, but I hope it doesn't apply to me and my kids.

Four days after spending an hour in urgent care watching Shelby having her chin stitched up after a fall, Savannah fell down the stairs and suffered a mild concussion and a cut that turned her hair bright red. Stitches were not needed, but I did have to spend another hour in urgent care.

I am quickly becoming a favorite of the nurses and doctors and they are looking forward to me coming back later this week with Shelby to get her stitches removed. I just hope an injury to Alani or Kern doesn't bring me back sooner.

While I don't have any Laker tickets to take Savannah to a game like I did after Shelby's injury, I did set up a date with her at a local restaurant. She constantly watches cooking shows and talks of one day being a chef.

I know the owner of the restaurant and she has agreed to let Savannah make her own dinner with the chef. Savannah is already counting down the days until she gets to cook with a real "Chef"...

I started a new blog right before my computer crashed where I intended to write about a fictional character who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I was going to write daily chronically his last year of life. I only was able to do two posts before losing my computer.

Having dealt with cancer on two separate occasions, I often wondered how I would deal with being told that I only had a short time to live. The character's reaction to his diagnosis and what he does is the way I would have wanted to deal with the news.

I write about this now because yesterday at church our Pastor started a month long series called "One Month to Live." The purpose of the series is to get people to stop living for someday and start living life with purpose, passion, and fulfillment beginning today.

I look forward to the series and hope that it can give me more direction in my own life, while also providing material for my other blog when I able to continue it...

Several of you inquired about my computer problems and asked if that my recent posts meant I was back online again for good. Unfortunately, I am still without a computer and it is hit and miss when I can post.

One of my roommates is out of town and I have been able to use her laptop while she is gone. My new computer is on back order and is still two to three weeks from being in my hands...

While losing my coaching friend was extremely hard on me, I did have the pleasure of meeting his two brothers and his parents. Both brothers are football coaches and we really enjoyed talking x's and o's during the week they were in town.

One of the brothers texted me over the weekend and asked me to come up to Oregon in May for his son's high school graduation. I accepted and can't wait to spend the weekend with him and his family.


  1. i sure do miss you!! sorry to hear about all the ouchies going on there! hope you can keep everybody injury free for a while.

    your date with savannah sounds like a lot of fun! i bet she'll remember it always!

    the series at your church sounds very interesting. i hope you'll share about it.

  2. You need to read "The Last Lecture," it's about a real life guy with a family, etc who lives his last months and records his story in a real live lectrue that you can see on line if you google Randy Paush.

    Hoping for no more injuries!!

  3. I'm also doing a fictional blog...
    however, the goal of mine is to mostly improve my writing. Also, I'm trying to learn more about the career my character is pursuing, and the college life in general.

  4. I hope there are no more accidents...The date sounds great though...another memory to treasure! I am intrigued about your newest blog!

  5. I certainly hope the rest of the girls don't put you back in urgent care! I hope they are both feeling better soon. It sounds like you've found something that has made/will make them both feel much better.

    I would be very interested in reading the story blog. I wrote a book where a husband and his wife go through his diagnosis of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and the stress it places on their marriage.

    The trip to Oregon sounds fun!

  6. Fingers crossed your injuries only come in twos.

    I'm with M, too, about Randy Pausch's book, 'The Last Lecture'... you'd love it.

  7. I was (and am) just like your girls. You have no idea how often my mother spent with me in the urgent care, getting stitched up.