Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A word from a sponsor

A little warning before you continue reading: I am going to pimp myself out for little to next to nothing. I can't help it. I will do just about anything to get something for free.

Even if it something that I don't see myself using. Ever.

I received an email today from someone asking me to promote a "Save our Saturday" Program from the Krylon company. If I write about it, Krylon will send me a can of its' Wood Stain Spray. Huh? The only wood I work with is my own and I am not willing to spray anything on my "wood".

I am not the kind of guy who does "Tool Time Tim" type of work. If the there is anything that is needed to be done around my house I grab the local newspaper, find a handyman, call him, and then sit back and let him fix whatever needs to be fixed.

I know my limitations and I am OK with it. As Popeye said so eloquently, "I am who I am, and that's all that I am."

Nevertheless, promoting a program that helps guys getting their Saturday's back and limit the amount of time they are doing chores around the house is something that I have no problem doing. Men should have more time to drink beer and watch mind-killing TV on a Saturday.

Here is a detailed description about the program straight from the email:

"Krylon is launching a “Save Our Saturday” Program, which will have a sports trivia contest for free tickets to the World Series and a free HDTV on its site. The site will be promoting Krylon’s new Exterior Wood Stain Spray for refinishing old wood furniture, floors, fences, etc. The product is not so much for handymen or woodworkers, as much as it is for dads who want to SAVE TIME on their weekends (the spray takes about ¼ the amount of time that conventional wood stain takes)."

The email also stated that they hope their program will help men with the "dreaded" honey-do list. I must say, this is another thing that I can't relate to like other men can.

I have been on my own for so long now, I don't even know what having a honey-do list is like. What I have is a shit-to-do list. May not seem like there is big difference between the two, but the difference is huge.

A honey-do list is something you better get done on a Saturday or you will be spending the night on the couch. A shit-to-do list is the shit you are thinking about doing while you are sleeping on the couch all day long.

See the difference? I'd much rather have my shit-to-do list.

To the Krylon Company, I hope I did a good enough job promoting your new program. I want my can of Wood Stain Spray.

I can't wait to see the damage my daughters will do with it.


  1. LMAO. I honestly never thought about your "wood" before. Thanks for putting that thought in my head. Now you better head over to home depot and buy those girls a birdhouse or something to spray that stain on. ;-) I'm good at making honey-do lists.

  2. LOL! I bet the girls could go to town spraying all sorts of things. Probably things you don't want wood colored too.
    I agree, a birdhouse seems safest.

  3. OMG... I used the Popeye line in my post addendum today, before I read this! Great minds. Well... ummmm... 'minds', anyway... ;)

  4. honey-do...


    same difference if you ask me!

    That was too freking funny!

    Now if Krylon would come up with a spray that drove the kids to gymnastics, soccer, birthday parties and playdates so I could sit on the couch and catch up with TIVO or take a nap, I would certainly promote THAT!

  5. HA...that confirms this video I was watching that I put on the blog...Venus vs.'s how the women and men brain are different.

    It's a good laugh!

    The guy talks about how guys have a NOTHING box in their brain...and when they use this box it means they REALLY are thinking NOTHING...

    Hence fishing...mind numbing activity! lol!

    Or in your case...forgoing your shit-to-do list and sleeping away on the couch...except that you said you were THINKING about the list...

    But I bet you aren't REALLY...right? :)

    I came over from Blogging Mama Andrea's blog...

  6. Anything tool related...I LOVE. though it usually ends up collecting dust. I go through spurts of being Mr. Fix It. and spurts of , sitting on the couch with a beer.

    Good job my man. Get you some wood stain!

  7. Interesting way to adevertise! Let us know when you get your paint/stain, what you use it on. I'm usully the one having to do the projects, my hubby works all the time!

  8. Well alrighty then...thanks for the info...a little too msuch info but thanks all the same! :)

  9. I'm so glad you took the opportunity to talk about your wood. Totally immature and I love it.

  10. Hey coach: Not bad, not bad at all - I believe you will get the spray...CREATIVE!!!

  11. Hilarious. And you know the rewards for getting a honey-do list done are pretty worth it! At least in my house ; )

  12. Next time I leave a list (which is dreaded around here) I'll be sure and title it correctly. Oh wait, lists are ignored. Maybe I should follow Tammy's lead!

  13. People who want to be feared and hated are always complaining about their own success.

  14. Now THAT is the kind of commercial I would listen to - take note you big ad companies out there!

  15. The last line said it all! LOL.

  16. I bet those girls will grow up to be really handy so that they can do all their dad's tasks on his list!!

  17. Happy Birthday Brett! We miss you online, hope you get a new computer.