Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot Dad?

I have been asked to be a contributor to a new blog called Hot Dads. I find this to be quite funny since the only time I consider myself hot is when I am fuming over one of the many things my daughters do to upset me.

Things like, two of them fighting over a Barbie doll when there are 10 others on the floor next to them. Or, the four of them playing dress up with clothes that I have just folded and put away.

And one that has bothered me the most lately, asking me for something to eat all day long and then claiming not be hungry when I have made dinner. That one really gets me hot.

If this is what they mean by being hot, then I am hot.

The mission of the Hot Dads was stated in the first post by Bedside TalesMan, "to create a central place where dads, who want to be heard, can voice their opinions - while also giving the disgustingly huge community of mommy bloggers a place to hear what us guys have to say about parenting and life."

Well, hell, I am game for this.

In fact, I am honored to be asked to contribute to the new blog. My first post will be up Friday and it will be one that I have already had up on my blog. I got the invitation today while teaching and I didn't think I would have time to write a new post.

So, check it out and tell us what you think.


  1. I am a little offended to be included in a group that is referred to as "disgustingly" anything, but I am all for a bigger daddy blogger community for you guys. But just don't forget all us disgusting mommy bloggers, OK? We like having you guys around.

  2. WHAT??? Im a disgusting mommy blogger??????? GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!! hehehe I think its awesome that you daddys have a place to say what you need to say and us disgusting mommies will come check it out and see if it makes any damn sense to us...*SMILE* with all that said CONGRATS I think thats totally awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. Let it be known, I would never describe moms as disgusting. It was a quote that I copied... moms are hot!

  4. Nah... you're hot.

    I'll check it out, though... for more, hot single dads... maybe there's one near Pigsknuckle ;)

  5. I too think moms are HOT!!! and I was refering to the group as digustingly huge...not moms as disgusting...see how women read into things...geeeezzzz.

    additionally, I think that women/mommies should and will be our biggest see what the hell we are talking about.

  6. Well done, you deserve the honour and the protection of a circle of men!

    Best of luck, hope you enjoy it!

  7. Thanks for your recent visit to my blog. I dropped in over at Hot Dads to read your post. Very funny. After your explanation here about what being a "hot" dad means, maybe they can change the blog name to Hot and Bothered Dads.
    My husband has always been great with our kids. Having a wonderful daddy means the world to little girls and to little boys too.
    Your girls are gorgeous.

  8. Congrats on the new site. I like it!

  9. you and my husband have a lot in common: my husband's a teacher (teaching Mathematics in High School) and he, too, is a (Chess) coach; he was once a football player during his high school days and that he is a doting dad, like YOU. :)

    keep being one to your 4 beautiful daughters as YOU ARE REALLY A 'HOT DAD'. :)