Saturday, January 3, 2009

The real me?

I often wonder what makes me me. With so many hats, it's hard to differentiate between them all. And, yet, it's days like today when I am not wearing any of them that I seem to have the most problems. Is it because these are the days that I can no longer hide behind being a father, coach or teacher... and really have to deal with the real me?

What I find disheartening the most is that I am not really bothered with the Who or What I am... but rather, I am concerned with not really knowing the real me. One of the first questions or topics that comes up when you start dating someone new is the famous question, "What makes you tick?" That is the question I find myself asking myself right now.

It is question that I hope to have answered by the end of 2009. There will be no promises of no more smoking, of going to the gym on a regular basis, of eating healthier, or being a better person in general. No... what I would like to accomplish in 2009 is to find out what makes me tick. Not so I can answer the question for anyone else, but so I can truly know for myself.

I have decided that since I am doing this for me and only me, that I will be writing about it on here with little or no audience. One thing that I do know about me is that I love to write. I love the process of taking one's thoughts and putting them to print in whatever medium it may be.

I look forward to this journey I am about to make and look forward to wherever the destination may take me.


  1. Didn't want my first blog to feel left out with no comments... you started me off and I love you for it.

  2. It is really hard to be a person with many hats. That's why I hung up my professional hat as a teacher while my kiddies are young. I don't regret my decision for one single minute!

  3. Awesome start....I will be part of the audience for sure!!

  4. that I'm all caught up you can write a new post. ;-)

    Lol...just saw you were the first to comment. Dork.