Monday, February 9, 2009

Cometh and Goeth

I solved my roommate problem Saturday morning at 3:30 a.m. with one bad case of misjudgement. One man's misfortune really can be another man's gain.

Who would have known that a few too many beers and an unruly tongue would bring my lifelong friend and the person my daughters call Uncle DJ back into my house? This was one night where I was glad that Bud Light got the best of Uncle DJ.

What he did or said is not important, the only thing that mattered was that his beautiful fiance was done with him and he was back in my home. Just thinking about the prospects of us living together and the good times to be had sent waves of excitement through me.

It was to be our own version of Dumb and Dumber or Step Brothers to be lived out on a daily basis. The only difference was our movie would include my four and his two daughters.

It would be perfect. Playmates for the Dads and the girls. Who could ask for anything more?

We had gone down this road before and had a grand time living together. Taking turns entertaining the kids, going to movies as one big happy crew, barbecuing dinner as the girls swam in the pool, and ending the day with ESPN on TV and a beer in hand as our daughters were fast asleep.

It was as much fun as two heterosexual men would want to have with each other.

Ahhhh... what an incredible turn of events for me. If I had found a renters two months ago when the rooms became available, this could never have happened. I couldn't help but think that it was destiny for him to be back.

We played baseball together as kids, went to middle school and high school together, and now teach and coach together at our alma mater. The stories and adventures we could share would fill a best-selling book. A book never to be written as the fear of embarrassing and humiliating loved ones has been too strong for us to put it to print.

After listening to him discuss what happened the night before all afternoon, we resumed our normal routine of kicking back and enjoying UFC Fights Saturday night. The girls played until they were dead-tired and were asleep before 9 p.m.

All was right in my world.

He was gone all day Sunday refereeing basketball games and then attending his daughters' softball team meeting. Afterward, he was to head home and we were going to watch the Lakers' game I recorded earlier in the day.

It was supposed to be a great ending to his first weekend back in the house.

The only problem... he never came home. I continually looked out the window through out the night, only to find an empty spot where he parked his truck.

All I could think was, "She couldn't have taken him back, could she? Not this time. They have to be done for good."

My worst fears were realized Monday morning back at work.

"Dude, were back together,'' DJ said with a huge smile. "I'll get all my shit out of the room tonight from your place. I am not going to fuck it up this time. I love that woman."

"That's awesome,'' I replied. I surprised myself by actually meaning it. "You better not mess it up again. She is a great woman."

She really is a great woman and I am happy they are back together. He always seemed most at peace when he was with her.

However, now I am back to looking for another roommate.


  1. Oh no! LOL I once had a dog that continually looked out the window for me when I was gone. Please tell me you didn't whine incessantly 'til the neighbors called to complain!

  2. You did sound a little dog-like there... or like me, when I wondered where the hell my ex was on a Friday night. Hope you resolve the roommate situation. If I don't have water within the next 24 hours, your new roommates could be me, a 9-year-old, and a big hairy dog... cool?

  3. Dude. Your word verfication sucks. It never lets me post my comment the first time, even though I spell it all right. It drives me nuts. Do you really need it?

  4. At least you had one day of bliss...

    it is probably for the best.

    Good luck finding a new roommate!!

  5. It was a bromance unfulfilled...

  6. Life seems to always work it's self out for the best. I am sure you will find a better roommate.

  7. The way you talk, I'm ready to move in. I'm pretty sure my husband would have a good time, too. He loves kids.

    Can we bring a Great Dane and two cats?

  8. LOL...this reminds me of the episode of King of Queens where Deacon starts living with Spence. Spence treats him like his husband and gets mad that he doesn't call when he'll be late for dinner! :)

    Sorry the roommate thing didn't work out. Good luck finding a new one!!

  9. You will get another roommate, perhaps a better one.

    Who was it that said, "I woke up one morning to find that all of my things had been replaced by replicas."?

    Maybe you can dream that all your things were replaced by better brand replicas.

    Never solve anything at 3:30 in the morning!

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