Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Those with love
Smile in the joy of having what so many of us desire
Embrace this perfect gift and remember what brought it to you
Every detail and loving gesture that lit the heart's fire
Should be continued through and through by you two

Those without love
The hope of love can be the greatest love of all
Beating inside you with what you seek out
Never compromise youself, never fall
For one day you will find love, there is no doubt


  1. The hope of love...the need to be true to you! could not agree more! Happy valentines day from one who hopes and refuses to compromise...

  2. Fantastic post! I spent the day baking 'pupcakes' for my spoiled rotten poodle! lol
    I hope you had a good day :)

  3. That is such a beautiful song.... now I can always say we met on Valentines I crack myself up

  4. Those are true words indeed. I hope you had a good day!

  5. Perfect post... I am really impressed!

  6. nice post :) same here...happy valentine's!

  7. How is it that you happened on my blog?

  8. Thanks for visiting my little piece of the internet.I am using my son's computer right now, but when I get home I will be adding a link to your blog. You do a fantastic job of posting. Your girls are adorable...gosh it seems only like yesterday that my 39 year old daughter was that age....and my high school grand daughters were that age...... I would give anything to have those years back for just a little while. Have a great week.

  9. Boo!! yeah well..with a new blog I still have lots to say!! LOL!! I am sure I will quite down at some point! :)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. p.s and I will learn how to spell !! :)

  11. Just read you teach/coach in husband went to high school in me where you teach :)

  12. Always interesting reading. Did you spoil those little girls for Valentine's Day?

    Hope the weather is getting better for you. It is another chilly day here. Last week everyone was running around in short sleeves.

    Today is my day off, so I am deciding if I want to go take photos or clean house.

    You take care, Coach!

  13. Coach: Though I enjoy a good Super Bowl, sports has never been my thing. I have always been a feature/news shooter, but more times than I can say, I have had to fill in for a sports photographer.

    Shooting a sports game involves some knowledge of the game. When I was asked to shoot my first game, all those millions of years ago, I told my photo editor I knew nothing about sports. He told me not to worry, and to just make sure there was ball in the photo. Advice that has always served me well.

    Easier said than done when you don't know a quarterback from a...give me another term? I can't think of one! It is always nice if you have some idea of who might be going for that ball.

    I usually end up of having to shoot one or two games of each sport every year, and I have always managed to get a ball in the photos.

    In the old days, we just shot the photo and let the sports editors write the cut line. Today, I upload files from my laptop or home computer--never having to grace those busy newsrooms.

    Thank goodness my husband loves sports and is retired. I grab him and take him to the games (he loves that), and afterward, when I pick my photos, he tells me what is happening. Makes him feel like a big-time sportscaster, and takes the pressure off of me.

    I have walked near land-mined areas in Cambodia, been threatened with jail in Bangladesh, had an AK-47 put in my face by a border patrolman on some dusty road in the middle of nowhere in Thailand, and have been chased--really chased, by a water buffalo (that is an interesting experience especially when you are trying to run and take a photo, too).

    I had rather do all those things in one day than fear missing the deadline for a sports photo, because if I have learned one thing from shooting sports, it is that hell hath no fury like a sports editor. Come hell or high water, if there is game, there had pretty darned well be a photo to go with it--and it makes a sports editor happy if it has a ball in it.

  14. Perfect words! :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy meeting new bloggers. It's also fun to add more guys to the mix. :)

  15. AWESOME...hope that your Valentines Day was a good one!!!! With the love of 4 cute girls who could ask for more!!!! *smile*