Wednesday, February 11, 2009

An award for you!

I have wanted to do something for awhile, however, the consumption of beer over the years has killed too many brain cells for me to complete the job on my own. It was time to call in reinforcement.

Danny from King Deadbeat was kind enough to lend me a helping hand. And, I got tell you, he did a great job in doing so. My lack of creativity would have never allowed me to pull off what Danny did for me.

After receiving awards from some of my favorite bloggers, I was supposed to ship them off to other bloggers that I thought were worthy enough to receive them. However, after posting them on my site, I have never finished the task.

Oh, I gave credit to the award givers and even posted them with links back to their site. I just haven't finished the post I started that gave the awards to other bloggers. With job and parenting demands, I just have gotten to it.

That's not exactly the entire truth, though. In all honestly, Coachdad wanted his own damn award to give out that would mean something from me to the people I wanted to have it. I also wanted people to have little doubt who it came from when they received it.

The people who I want to have it are quite simply the people that I follow in this blog world and the bloggers who have enough taste to follow me. I have to say, all have blogs that I would be honored to have my award posted on their site.

So, here it is... the "On the Ball" Award from Coachdad!

It is an award that means to me that the holder has a blog that is timely, fresh, pleasing to the literary palate, and combines humor with honesty. Basically, the blog is such a good read that you have to keep coming back for more.

If you are a follower or I follow you, please take it and link it back to me. If you just happened upon my blog and like the award and want it, become a follower and have at it. As for as who to give it out to and how many you can give... you are free to do what you want with it as long as you believe that they are worthy enough to live up to its' meaning that I stated in the previous paragraph.

So, congrats to all who wants it. Take it and do what you want with it. Just link it back to me and leave me a comment telling me you are now "On the Ball!"


  1. Okay, I'm "On the Ball". I linked up your award on my awards page (found under the "stuff" button on my navi bar (but I did edit the F word, I'm a pg-13 kind of gal as far as my blog goes). Your award is also on my main site in the right sidebar and I'll leave it there for a bit as well.

    A great site for making your own buttons is upload a photo and add effects and text and there you go.

    I"ve enjoyed reading your site in the week or two I've been visiting.

  2. dude, i am TOTALLY on the ball! cool award!

  3. So cool.
    I have been buried in a pile of bank statements and check registers (why do I always wait?) doing business taxes.... Can't wait to catch up on your posts.

  4. I was on a Pilates ball...Does that count?
    I love the award...nice idea!

  5. I got your comment you left me about the award and sure I want it..but Im so new to this whole blogging thing I dont know how I get it on my page and have it also link back to you. Im a newbie still can ya help????

  6. OOohhhhhhhhhh, Aahhhhhhhhhhh. I like.

    Thank you!

  7. Neato! Though there are days I have to wonder how "on the ball" I really am...

  8. I must have had ESP! I came to your site to offer you my blogging award. Though my site is new, I have spent a lot of time on blogs and I have seen a lot of really hateful, and downright terrible blogs. You got it going, Coach! So head on over to: and pick up your award from this Crisfield, MD blogger.

    I have company coming this weekend, so I won't be doing much blogging , but I will catch up next week.

    Give the girls a hug from the Eastern Shore.

  9. A 'mass award', eh? It looks cool and it suits you... he did a great job.

  10. Hey, and thanks for losing the word verification! Makes things much easier.

  11. I'm new to blogging, but I think you did the right thing in giving it to Stefunkc, she's my niece! I'll start following!

  12. thanks! how do I "pick up" this award!

  13. I am more than happy to be "On The Ball" as of this weekend! Thank you for your kindness and absolute creativity - Have a great weekend, oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. Thankyou Brett. I got a comment telling me I am on the ball, so I will accept it, & post about it.

  15. I finally got on the ball...hehehe Thanks for the award!!!!