Monday, February 2, 2009

You asked for it

I have been getting emails and comments asking me for updates on some prior posts, so here goes...

Ending a relationship
Smoking is still something that I can't escape from wanting every waking moment of the day. It is a battle that is made even more difficult with a roommate who is constantly smoking. So... I have had a few days in the last three weeks where I had one. I refuse to give up my efforts to kick the habit and I am going to make an appointment with my doctor to ask for some help.

In another update, I asked What's next??? after Savanna asked me, or told me, to stop cussing around Alani. I have curtailed the foul language around my girls and Alani hasn't said fuck, shit, ass or bitch in more than a week. Pretty fucking cool, huh?

Stay away kids... please?
Some things actually turn out better than you think they will as my girls were absolutely wonderful yesterday during the Superbowl. We all ate a lot and watched the game together. As soon as they got a little out of control, I simply asked them to go into the room and they did without putting up a fight.

They really are great girls 90 percent of the time. My Dad used to tell me that he looked forward to when I had children so I could feel the pain that I caused him as a child. Well, here is more pain for you Dad, my girls are so much better than I was. Ha Ha!

My brother Jason
Ready for this? I woke up Saturday morning and had a message from Jason saying he was glad to hear from me and detailed the comings and goings of his life. We talked a few times over the weekend and basically caught up on what has been going on the last ten years for us both.

We spent the last quarter of the Superbowl chatting about the game through IMs on Facebook. It was great and we agreed to do it again soon. Jason is now a follower of my blog, and he even left a comment on the post I wrote about him.

Thank you Facebook!


  1. That is a very human & touching post! I slip up with the swearing a little now & then, in front of my grandchildren. Yet I never swore when my own kids were little- well, maybe I used bloody & bugger a little too often!
    I gave up smoking, & it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I used the gum, which was all the help I could get, when I first tried to stop. Eventually I used the patches, & it was so great to be FREE!!
    My kids were good too, & I have never told them I hoped they would have bad kids! Only our daughter has children, & of course as a Nanna I think they are lovely!
    Glad you are getting back together with your brother... family are important.

  2. aww well im glad you got to watch the game. And im happy that everything worked out with your brother. I know it has to be a wonderful feeling. God bless

  3. All of it so cool...especially about very cool!

  4. Nice! The giving up smoking will take some time, but I know you can do it...the important thing is that you're making a honest effort. That's all anyone can really be asked to do in life - make an honest effort.

  5. Good stuff, my friend. Good stuff.

    I always say, '90% of the time Ryan's a joy: funny, agreeable, and sweet. 10% of the time I want to kick her butt into tomorrow.' Here's to living in the 90th percentile ;)

  6. Smoking, cussing, children; yeah, yeah, yeah...Your brother, woo-hoo!!

    I'm an only child so I live vicariously through other people's sibling stuff. So glad to hear you're starting again with him!

  7. Fabulous weekend, my friend, good for you. We need those to get through MOnday.

    As for the smoking thing, as long as you keep smoking less, and not more, you are making progress. Did you smoke less in January than in December? Good for YOU!

  8. Hey BP... try Zybahn... it worked wonders for me and I had tried everything before that. It basically makes you gag whenever you take a puff and that's a pretty effective deterrent. Only side effects I had were insomnia and some mood swings... may suck for you, but myself and your readers will loving hearing you write about it ;)

  9. I am so glad you were chosen as the mourner! I am really enjoying getting to know you and your fam... From one single parent to another, you have my utmost respect. :)

  10. Alani was much cooler when she was cussing all the time... Don't let Savanna tell you what's good for your kids... You keep doing what you're doing.. Without you being you, your material on here just wouldn't be as good :) HA!! I like Jason's idea... use his method, for sure!

  11. I'm so glad you answered the questions we've been wondering about.

  12. There is an award waiting for you at my blog - glad to pass it along. I think the message I left last week took a wrong turn in cyberspace. It is under the post labeled Sharing the Joy.

    I haven't been here in a bit - your posts are too funny. Glad to hear another parent just wishing their children away for a bit (I always feel so guilty) There are times when I just wish they would go far far away! Instead I got a DVR - pause the show until bedtime then fast forward through commercials (or not for super bowl) and carry on - pause again when they get out of bed for whatever. It has solved me wanting to strangle them!

  13. Way cool about the game but even cooler about Jason.

  14. I am glad you got to watch the was a good one!!!

    That is great about your brother....blood really is thicker than water!!!

    I love facebook too...I found my first friend from college on it and we had a fun chat to catch up on the almost 20 years since we have seen each other!!!

  15. Glad things turned out well!! In regards to the smoking, I have a friend who quit for good using Chantix. :)

  16. what a great update! that is too awesome about your brother!

    not to sound negative but chantix didnt help me at all. but i'm pretty hardheaded. i wish you luck with that. and if something works for you, let me know. i wouldn't mind trying to quit at some point.

  17. Thnx for the updats - as a new follower I wasn't aware of some of the stories, but this gave me the incentive to "catch up".

    I'm glad to hear about your brother - good luck with that.

    I ended my relationship 1 year 3 months ago for good. I'd quit many times before and always "snuck" cigs - the key for me was Wellbutrin. Good luck. I can say after the first few months I was finally able to truly enjoy being a non-smoker (instead of being resentful I couldn't smoke), and now can't believe that I ever craved them. Just keep trying - eventually it will stick, and even if it doesn't, each time you try you smoke one less at least for that minute. Good luck.

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